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True Genius Collection

Compass & Star

Powder Keg

Pharaoh’s Tomb

Cathedral Door

Minotaur’s Labyrinth

Pharoah’s Ale

Appian Way

Roman Arches


True Genius Floor Display

Grecian Trick Lock

Viking Forge

Pyramid & Hieroglyph

Chinese Pagoda

Ancient Metal 12 pc

Sword in the Stone

Caesar’s Codex

Aztec Sun Stone

Mosaic Tile

Silk Worm

Thor’s Hammer

Curated Collection

The Museum Collection

Caesar’s Calendar

Shotput & Discus

Emperor’s Chest

Grecian Computer

Greek Parthenon

Grecian Bottle

Lighthouse Flame

Yin Yang

24-pc Assorted Display

Egyptian Coin Trade

Sea Chest

Hypatian Enigma

Sorcerer’s Box